Page 8 - Centenery History
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Foreword by Chairman of Ballymena

                   Festival of Music, Speech and Dance

                consider it a great privilege to be Chairman of Ballymena Festival on
              I  the occasion of its Centenary celebrations.
                It is only through reading this account of the Festival’s history that
              one realises what a valuable past we have, and what an important part
              the Festival has played in the life of Ballymena Borough.
                When considering how we should recognise our centenary, we felt
              we should record our past, both by live performances in our Centenary
              Concert by former competitors, and also in print, so that present and
              future generations would have a tangible link to the festival history.
                We are greatly indebted to Hazel Bonar for undertaking this
              mammoth task. It has taken many hours to compile the book and we
              thank the Heritage Lottery Fund for providing the necessary funding
              for its publication.
                It is our sincere hope that Ballymena Festival will continue to provide
              an invaluable opportunity for local children to perform in front of an
              audience and, in some cases, as evidenced in this book, go on to achieve
              excellence in their art.

                                                               Stanley Hughes

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